"Bem Casados" cakes which means 'well married' are given away as party favors in all Brazilian weddings to wish happiness in their new life.  These treats are sponge cakes with caramel filling wrapped up in crepe papers and satin ribbon with the wedding colors.

"Brigadeiro Party Favors" Another example of party favors will be our famous bonbon in a clean box and satin ribbons with a color of your choice.  You can choose which flavors come in the boxes whether they are all the same or a variety.

"Soft Brigadeiros" in a jar can be an easy way to give a small taste of Brazil.  It's 1.5 oz of pure joy.  You can also personalize them with a label.

"Camafeus" For those walnut lovers, these treats are the one.  It's a soft caramel walnut filling covered with milk chocolate.

"Quindim"  This coconut baked custard is one of the most well known treats in Brazil.  It brings the flavor of coconut that melts in your mouth.

"Brigadeiros" is one of the most beloved sweets in Brazil.  It is very popular at birthday parties and weddings.  It's creamy on the inside and crunchy on the outside.  They come in a wide assortment of flavors such as milk chocolate, coffee, white chocolate, as well as capirinha and coconut.

Finally, we have gift baskets with a variety of items that you can choose from to make your own personalized to your needs.  Prices will vary.

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