My entire life I loved making sweets.  It was a passion of mine to be able to deliver something sweet into someone's day.  I hit a crossroad in my life and decided that I wanted to make this passion of mine a career.  That is when I took a simple Brazilian treat and began exploring different flavors.  Next thing I know, I was catering weddings, attending multiple festivals as well as accumulating a fan base.  I want to continue to expand my business and share something I'm passionate about to as many people as I can.

I grew up in Brazil so making these treats for me is that much more special.  Whenever I'm in the kitchen making these desserts, it feels a little more like being at home.  It isn't work if you love what you do.  Getting up every day to go to work is easy now because I'm so passionate about my work.  I want my desserts to not only be delicious but I want it to be something that lighten someone's day.  Whether it is seeing someone try my sweets for the first time or working with a couple to cater the best desserts at their wedding, it is all a very rewarding experience.

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