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CC Brazilian Sweets and Catering

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​Since the ancient times, the desire for something sweet is so powerful that man used to go straight to bee hives just for the taste of it.
CC Brazilian Sweets offers that powerful taste of sweet in a very small package. "Brigadeiro" or "Brigadier"is a typically Brazilian bonbon made out of cocoa powder and condensed milk.

CCBrazilian Sweets is owned and operated by two Brazilians who live in Atlanta, GA for more than 20 years. We offer a wide variety of unique and mouth watering authentic Brazilian bonbon. These assorted delicacies are offered as "truffles"(small caramel balls) or in 2 oz shot glasses. It can be custom ordered to fulfill your needs. These make a gorgeous presentation at Weddings, Bridal and Baby Showers, Restaurants, Birthday parties or any Special Occasion. 

​Although the first Brigadeiro was made out of cocoa, this little treat has evolved and diverged from its chocolate foundation.  The flavors are endless....chocolate, white chocolate with coconut, cherry, pistachio, orange, vanilla....just to name a few...

​To place a order just call Clara Sissine, or email us at

CC Brazilian Sweets and Catering 

(404) 432-5262​